YOGA Retreat

  “If we seek solitary retreat, you will be more often refreshed.
   -Lailah Gifty Akita

We all need to retreat and go within from time to time to rest, to relax, to connect with our innermost self and to explore other aspects of our inner world.

The yoga retreats at Arogya Yogshala provide you that sacred and safe space where you can come to relax, connect to nature and your inner being. We offer three different types of retreats ranging from 3 days, 5 days and 7 days.

If you love traveling, why not invest in traveling with an added benefit of improving your health, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing? Our yoga and meditation retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to explore your inner and outer worlds simultaneously. From delicious yogic meals to revitalizing practices to letting you take the perfect refuge away from the world of chaos, we will provide you a life-changing experience that’ll stay with you forever.

 The word ‘Arogya’ itself means freedom from disease and that is precisely what we intend to bring to you through our yoga retreats. Our yoga retreat in Rishikesh and yoga retreat in Delhi, India will give you the spiritual yoga experience you have been looking for. Arogya Yogshala offers the best yoga retreat in Rishikesh and Delhi.
The yoga retreat will include yoga asanas, meditation sessions, pranayama (breathwork), mantra chanting, and so much more that will help you de-stress and connect to the eternal soul that lives within.

What’s the Plan?

  • At our yoga retreat, you will learn, practice and experience the beauty and power of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Our experienced yoga teachers
  •  Breathing technique will help you dive into meditation and experience the bliss of meditation. Meditation, along with asana and pranayama, are the perfect combination to help you become stress-free, relaxed and experience deep peace in your mind, body and soul.
  • We will also dive into Yoga therapy and the THERAPEUTIC effects of yoga.
  • You will also enjoy PANCHAKARAM therapies and massages to de-stress your mind and body.
  •  Retreat will also let you experience the beauty of the local culture and Mother Nature through sightseeing and other activities.
  • RELAX your mind and body with deep silence of our retreat
  • Practice of SHUDDHI kirya like  Kapalabhati, Trataka, Neti, Dhouti, Nauli and Vasti 
  • DETOX your body with YOGIC FOOD and yogic KADDHA with authentic taste of ancient INDIA

Food and Accommodation 


  •  The rooms are simple, basic and clean. 
  • All basic amenities like hot water, cupboards, clean bed sheets, blankets and pillows will be available in the room. 
  • The hospitable staff at the residential location will always be there to help you and will make sure your stay is comfortable and relaxed.
  • The food provided will be based on the yogic principles, which include sattvic, vegetarian and healthy meals.
  •  The chefs at the residential location cook the food with love and care to nourish your body, mind and soul.

Takeaways from Our Yoga Retreat


  • Connection with nature: Mother Nature is where we come from, and it is in her sacred soil where we perish. She is our mother and connection to our mother is vital for our optimum mental, emotional, physical health. Our yoga retreat in Rishikesh is situated amid the ancient mountains and sacred fierce river of Ganga where you can connect to the loving and wild spirit of Mother Nature.
  • Technology detox: . Even though technology offers many benefits, we have also become addicted to it. Our yoga and meditation retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to take a break from digital screens and connect to the screen of your soul amid the magic of Mother Nature and yoga.
  • Invest your time  in traveling with an added benefit of improving your health, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing
  • Explore your inner and outer worlds simultaneously
  • Perfect refuge away from the world of chaos
  • Life-changing experience that’ll stay with you forever
  •  Connect to nature and your inner beinG 
  • At our yoga retreat, you will eat yogic sattvic food, you will learn about yoga philosophy and various yogic techniques. 
  • You will experience how the yogis live, breathe and eat so that you can go back and start to embody a healthier and more mindful lifestyle for you and your family. Yoga in Sanskrit means ‘union’ and you will most definitely experience a union of your body, mind and soul at our yoga and meditation retreat.