Founded by Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti, on 15th August 2015 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Arogya Yogshala has transformed the lives of thousands of people from all around the world. Arogya Yogshala was established with one intention, to assist in the healing and transformation of humanity through yogic and meditational sciences. We are a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance USA and Applied Yoga Training Center under Yoga Certification Board Accredited by Ministry of AYUSH under Government of India.


Online Yoga Classes

We offer online practices that allow you to nourish body and mind as you build strength.

YTTC Training

This is precisely what we offer in our 200 hour yoga teacher training course in many parts of India.

Yoga for Weight Loss/Gain

Being overly thin or obese, both make you prone to diseases. So you have been hitting the gym

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Expecting? Wow! Motherhood is a very beautiful journey. It is full of emotions. You can be excited,

Stress Management

In today’s modern world, everyone is so stressed that they daily try to fight it and

Yoga for Children

Today we are so busy in our own lives that we ignore the distractions and the peer ressure

Corporate Yoga

In today’s era of globalization, corporate employees deal with work related stress and issues

Book A Retreat at Rishikesh

The aim of our Yoga Retreats is to provide a glimpse of yoga in a short time.


Maintain the beauty of your soul and body by learning Yoga!


Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Yoga Teacher by Spending only 24 days in the busiest city. Interested? Go ahead!

Yoga Teacher Training

Become a Yoga Teacher by Spending only 24 days in the busiest city. Interested? Go ahead!

Yoga teacher Training for Week End

We have a special Teacher training Program for working teachers to master the skills and techniques of yoga and become a certified instructor. On the basis of your performance, you can get a chance to even work with us.



When I was a kid, I was very prone to pneumonia. I was so allergic to dust that I was rushed to the hospital every third day. A doctor even declared that my lungs are damaged because of some sort of infection. A neighbor advised me to practice yoga and my mother made me join the Yoga class. We saw instant results. Since then, I have been practicing it regularly at Arogya Yogshala. The instructor here has ample amount of knowledge. He takes our problems very seriously and helps us accordingly.


I am a corporate employee and have to sit on the chair in front of the laptop for long hours. My schedule used to be so hectic that I rarely got time to take care of my health. I felt so tired and lethargic all the time. A friend of mine comes to this studio and he made me also join Arogya Yogshala. Yoga works wonders. I have been practicing it for 4 months and I’m so energetic now. If I ever feel tired in office, I practice chair yoga and I’m on my toes.

Krishna Kedia

I had an injury in my back while playing a year ago. I tried a number of doctors. They gave me certain painkillers and their effect was temporary. So I came to Arogya Yogshala for naturopathy. My back is completely fine now and Abhishek ji helps me practice the poses that help me strengthen my back.

R S Thakur

Being a mother is a very beautiful gift of nature. But it has its own flaws. I gained 15kgs after my delivery and was so depressed about it. I didn’t feel good in my own skin. When you are feeding a baby, obviously you can’t go on crash diets and all. So I chose Yoga to shed that post pregnancy weight. I am coming to Arogya Yogashala for last 6 months and have lost 8 kgs naturally. Abhishek ji is so knowledgeable that he knows which poses I should do and which exercises can harm my postnatal body. This studio gives you a personal touch.


I am diabetic and have high blood pressure. My BP used to shoot suddenly and have even had a minor heart stroke. I am practicing pranayam, meditation and other yoga exercises at Arogya Yogshala. Yogacharya ji has helped me a lot and my diabetes and BP are under control now.

Anand Bansal