Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti

(E-RYT500, YACEP, RPYT & Master’s in YOGA)

Founded by Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti, on 15th August 2015 in Jharkhand, Arogya Yogshala Wellness Foundation has transformed the lives of thousands of people from all around the world. Arogya Yogshala Wellness Foundation was established with one intention, to assist in the healing and transformation of humanity through yogic and meditational sciences. We are a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance USA and Applied Yoga Training Center under Yoga Certification Board Accredited by Ministry of AYUSH under Government of India.

We not only offer online and daily yoga classes, but also dive deep into teacher training courses, meditation courses, Ayurveda, yoga therapy, health, correct diet, and so much more.

We know that everyday life is filled with busy appointments and tasks to do. We all have lived through some traumatic experiences in our lives. The hectic schedule and unprocessed trauma that lives in our bodies and auric fields is the main reason for our stressful lives.


Our highly skilful and experienced yoga masters are dedicated to helping you de-stress and take a break from your busy daily schedule. With yoga classes and yoga programs, we aim to help you become entirely free from within.

We understand how deeply stress controls our life and we want to provide you with the safe space to heal this stress or any other issue you might be facing with the help of yoga, meditation and the right knowledge.

We have different yoga courses, therapies and modules for de-stress, weight management, healing and managing anxiety and spiritual development. You can choose from our vast offerings of therapies and courses that best suits your interests and needs. Apart from that, we also offer various workshops, seminars, conferences and yoga camps to raise awareness and spread the magic of yoga.

If you are eager to become a yoga teacher and spread the knowledge about yoga, we offer some of the best yoga teacher training courses in India. Our yoga teacher training courses will take you deep into the world of yoga and impart to you the wisdom of yoga to help you become an outstanding yoga teacher.

We humbly invite you into our studios and yogshalas to experience the profound and transformational power of yoga.

A Few Words about Our Founder

Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti, has studied yoga for many decades and has dived ocean deep into the world of yoga. His exploration of the ancient science started with by learning the basics of yoga from Swami Karpremanand of Bihar School of Yoga. However, his life changed when he got an opportunity to train NCC cadets at the 1st International Yoga Day at Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Soon after this, he finished his masters in Yoga from Anmol College in Dehradun.

Yogacharya Abhishek Bharti has completed various yoga teacher training courses like E-RYT 200 from Dharamshala and E-RYT 500 from Rishikesh, and also acquired a diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy.

He is also a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) registered with Yoga Alliance. Apart from a vast knowledge in yoga, meditation, Reiki and Ayurveda, he has years of experience in alternative healing therapies which he gained while traveling through the Himalayas. Abhishek also had the opportunity to work with reputed institutions such as Patanjali Yogpeeth Haridwar and Swami Paramanand Prakritik Chikitshalay.

He shares a deep love for yoga, Ayurveda and ancient natural sciences that have been helping humanity for thousands of years.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is deeply interwoven with our vision. We are here to help you achieve a harmonious union between your mind, body and soul. Our mission is to help you awaken your consciousness with yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and other alternative healing therapies.
  • We want to bring you deep and lasting healing of your body, mind and soul and provide a safe space for you to dive into mysteries of yoga and spirituality.
  • Our mission is to spread the reach of yoga throughout the world. We believe that yoga is for everyone. We believe that yoga has the power to transform the consciousness of every individual who practices it sincerely and with devotion. Our mission is to provide you with the best yoga masters, therapists, guides, tools and infrastructure so that you can access the magical world of yoga.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to see humanity thriving. Our vision is to see a humanity that advances not only technologically but also spiritually and emotionally. We believe that spiritual and emotional intelligence is vital to humanity’s wellbeing, and we at Arogya Yogshala Wellness Foundation want to help you to in this growth with the ancient art and science of yoga.
  • We value human health, peace and integrity the most, and by aligning with these values, we want to create a community of people who wish to work further towards the betterment of human life from every aspect.

What are Our Unique Features?

Multiple courses, seminars and workshops

We are delighted to offer you multiple yoga teacher training courses, workshops and seminars. We also provide a variety of classes and workshops on meditation, Ayurveda, reiki, alternative therapies, and so much more for you to choose from.

You can choose from our courses what is best suited for your needs and interests.

Highly experienced teachers

Our teachers at Arogya Yogshala Wellness Foundation are highly qualified and experienced in the field of yoga, Ayurveda, reiki, meditation and health. They are passionate and deeply committed to serving humanity in the best way possible with the help of yoga and spirituality.

They are not only devoted and committed but also compassionate and kind in their approach. They know when to push the students and when to let them find their own way to help them excel in yoga, meditation and spiritual growth.