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If you are looking for Yoga for Pregnancy in Delhi Ncr, then you are on the right place because we provide yoga classes for pregnancy in Delhi NCR. So you are expecting? That’s great! You might be happy & excited but at the same time scared too. Nothing can better explain the awesome feeling of having a life inside you which is growing. There are chances that you might experience different mood swings due to the hormonal changes.

This is the time when you need pregnancy yoga classes. You can easily start attending the prenatal classes in your pregnancy time as early as you want. But if you are not feeling well, it is better to wait for joining yoga classes.

In pregnancy yoga classes, you will be taught different styles of yoga that will offer you outstanding health benefits including:

  • During the pregnancy time, practising yoga can help you in dealing with the effect of common symptoms like constipation, morning sickness, swollen ankles as well as painful leg cramps.
  • Yoga asanas will assist in keeping your body supple and will also release tension around the cervix by opening up the pelvic region. This will let the mom-to-be to get ready for delivery as well as labor.
  • After the post-delivery, yoga asanas will assist in quick recovery.
  • Yoga and pranayamas are known for teaching you to breathe deeply as well as relax determinedly which help the mother-to-be to face the demands of labor as well as childbirth effectively.

Remember that exercising at the time of pregnancy is very important. So if you are pregnant and want to stay relaxed and fit then you should join yoga for pregnancy in Delhi NCR.

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The course will aware and train the trainers holistically!

Learn techniques :
1. Safe postures
2. Safe Birthing techniques
3. Extensive breath-work
4. Hypnosis techniques related to birthing ( EXCLUSIVELY BY REIKI GRANDMASTER and Mindfulness expert APURVAA SAXENA )
    Post birth recovery
5. Nutrition with a specialised nutritionist!
Exclusive sessions on anatomy with Pre and post natal doctor and Physiotherapist !

know your yoga teacher for pre & post natal

Apurvaa has been teaching prenatal yoga for more than five years now, apart from I am teaching Hatha for over 14 years.
She has done training in Pre and post natal yoga from one of the top schools of Dubai.
She is also trained in Pre and postnatal fitness exercises.
She learnt hypnobirthing during her own pregnancy and helped many prenatal students in their beautiful journey with birth affirmations and specially designed guided meditations!
Shes a reiki grandmaster with healing abilities and helped many cases of infertility via yoga and spiritual practices!
Apurvaa has conducted workshops on prenatal yoga in many yoga schools of Delhi!