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Today, yoga is not only practiced by spiritual seekers. The magic of yoga is widely accepted in the corporate world as well. Yoga not only helps de-stress employees; it also helps increase employee productivity, which is crucial for the success of any business.

We at Arogya Yogshala offer corporate yoga classes and workshops to help companies thrive and contribute to the best of their abilities. We offer many remarkable corporate yoga programs like chair yoga workshops, asana sessions, mindfulness sessions, meditation sessions, relaxation, and de-stressing sessions. With our corporate wellness programs, you can ensure that your employees are always at bay from common maladies like anxiety, stress, back & neck pain, poor concentration, low energy and repetitive stress injuries.

Working in the corporate world where stress is at an all-time and where quick decisions have to be made, activities like yoga and meditation can help the employees feel refreshed, rejuvenated and energized to carry on their work efficiently.

This is where our amazing and skilled yoga masters step in and make work-life and overall life for your employees a pleasant and adventurous experience through our corporate yoga classes. Our highly experienced and compassionate yoga teachers are well-aware of what it takes to combat stress and physical issues while working in a corporate environment.

about corporate yoga classes

person working for your mission for your vision is the soul of your organisation
the job of the leader is to protect its organisations soul goal is to make them feel alive

When the souls are happy, the organisation is bound to progress. When the souls are unhealthy, lazy, unfocused, and tired, it will hamper the organistation’s growth.
Our fantastic yoga teachers dive into various yogic asanas, stretches, mindfulness techniques to increase focus, pranayama to regulate the breath. Breath regulation is essential as it refreshes, cleanses, and reenergizes our nervous and immune system.

skilled yoga masters step in and make work-life and overall life of a soul a pleasant and adventurous experience through our corporate yoga classes. Our highly experienced and compassionate yoga teachers are well-aware of what it takes to combat stress and physical issues while working in a corporate environment.

Our yoga instructors and therapists are focused on making the work-life of your pillars of your organisatoion easy and enjoyable through the ancient sciences of yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

What Do We Offer?

corporate workshops we offer

Mindfulness sessions
Chair yoga sessions
Deep breathing sessions
Stress management sessions
Relaxation sessions
know yourself sessions
chair yoga sessions
immunity boosting sessions

At your place

Our instructors will come to your company and arrange a corporate yoga class in your office itself. A comfortable and quiet place like a spare office room, lunchroom, conference room, gym, etc. is all that is required to conduct the class. Employees are required to bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.

At our studio

The employees can drop by at our yoga studio for various corporate yoga workshops and sessions. Our studios are well designed and provide a safe space for all employees diving into yoga, meditation, and breathwork.

Benefits of Corporate Yoga with Arogya Yogshala

Improved efficiency 

Our corporate yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions lead to a tremendous decrease in stress levels to the point where employees are energetically healthy and focused. This, in turn, leads to improved efficiency where the employees’ performance shows positive growth.

Increased creativity

Yoga has not only proven to heal and de-stress the individual, but it is also proven to increase the creative flow. Our corporate yoga classes will help your employees be more creative in their work and decision making.

Increased inspiration and motivation

Yoga, meditation, and breathwork fill the body with vital spiritual energy known as prana. This energy keeps us energetic, motivated, and inspired. You will see a decrease in absenteeism and sick leaves in your company as employees will be in a healthy and inspired state of mind to show up every day at work.

A better corporation within the teams

Our corporate yoga sessions promote a sense of compassion, community, and togetherness. This will help your employees positively to work together as a team and as individuals, ultimately leading the growth and expansion of the company.

Get Started!!

Introducing corporate yoga is one of the best and most compassionate things you can do for the wellbeing of your employees and your company. It not only brings healing, good health, and vitality to your employees; it also helps in the growth of your company because the employees are energetic, sharp, and happy.

It is an investment that is worth making. The returns for which are tenfold!