Yoga Retreats at Dharamshala

Objectives: The aim of our Yoga Retreats is to provide a glimpse of yoga in a short time. These retreats also aim to provide a getaway from the stress and confusion of the modern time. This provides an ideal time to look inside yourself and recollect yourself for achieving your goals with rejuvenated enthusiasm. These Arogya Yogshala’s Yoga Retreats cover all the necessary ingredients of yoga in a small capsule and leave the lasting, soothing effect on body and mind. Overview: These retreat are quite relaxed and are conducted according to the needs of our guests. While you come for this retreat course you will have option to explore Dharamshala, enjoy various adventure activities like Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Trekking. Further you can get some relaxing Ayurveda massage at a nearby associated center or get an Ayurvedic consultation with Arogya Yogshala’s Experts. The management team will help you locate these things. Come and enjoy the taste of rich Indian food at Arogya Yogshala. You may wonder that so many kind of dishes are there which are very healthy and delicious at the same time. Life Changing Process: A Yoga Retreats is a time of soul discovery away from the world. It’s a time for beginning your spiritual quest and shed away some mental baggage. Yoga and meditation retreat is an opportunity for learning various methods for self development and better life style. Here you will learn various yogic techniques in a very short time. Meditation on Chakras Our Yoga Retreats are fully residential and provide the time to relax in a place surrounded by river and mountains. Come and feel the positive energy and fill your mind and soul with Arogya Yogshala. •TWIN SHARED ACCOMMODATION •PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION Fee Include: •Accommodation in a Private or Double sharing room with attached bathroom and hot water. •Yogic food 3 times daily •Herbal Tea 2 times daily •Walking Distance to Popular Locations •Cleansing process materials for Satkarma kriya •One day sightseeing activity to a nearby location Booking: +919990708678, 9999708678