200 Hour yoga teacher training course

200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

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Turn your passion into a rewarding profession with 8 weeks of International Yoga Teacher Training.


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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Details

You can get certified to teach yoga on a global scale by completing the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program offered by the ArogyaYogshala. It covers all the essential aspects of yoga anatomy and philosophy and gets you ready to create your own studio and work as a yoga instructor in all the top yoga centers and institutions. ArogyaYogshala offers 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course which is accredited and recognised by Yoga Alliance. This 200 hour TTC serves as a solid foundation for your glorious yoga career. You can complete this course in a span of two months and flourish as an Internationally Certified Yoga Trainer.

You will learn nuances of traditional Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. You will also learn advanced meditation, relaxation, and pranayama techniques along with anatomy, physiology, and systematic teaching methodology. Our senior yoga experts designed RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training to deepen the understanding and knowledge of yoga for you to become a confident, skilful, and competent yoga instructor.

How will this Yoga Teacher Training transform you?

  • In-depth learning, practicing & experiencing of yoga in a safe & supportive environment and a comfortable way
  • Become an Internationally Certified  yoga instructor eligible to teach anywhere in the world with time flexibility.
  • Learn the nuances of pranayama, meditation and relaxation , asanas , shatkaram and many more kriyas.
  • Become Financially stable with an additional income work form anywhere.
  • Become Professionally Independent with perfect work and life balance
  • Gain courage and confidence  to conduct yoga classes at your own studio and public places to conduct workshop.
  • Become capable of organising yoga workshops on completion of this course
  • Become enlightened with and and become a yogi with arogyayogshala
  • Have the knowledge  of self and learn self love with the course
  • Learn to heal  others and society with the help of yoga
  • Be change  you want to see in the others.
  • Become part of fastest growing industry in the world

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Course Curriculum of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  •  variations of Surya Namaskar

  •  Vinyasa Sequences

  •  Understanding Vinyasa Yoga

  •  110+ Asanas

  •  Alignment, Postures and Modifications

  •  Benefits and Contraindications of each Asana

  •  Using props for Asana corrections

  •  Intense seated, standing and dynamics

  •  Importance of Warm-Ups

  •  Sequencing Principles and techniques

  • What asanas to perform at what time

  • Correct breathing pattern during asanas

  •  Importance of Pranayama and Breathing pattern

  • Types of pranayam

  •  What is pranayama?

  •  Importance of Pranyama

  •  How to practice each pranayama?

  •  Benefits and Contra-indication so feach pranayama

  •  What are Nadis?

  • Application of paranayam

  • Science behind paranayam

  • How to prepare mind and body for meditation?

  • What is mediation

  • How to prepare yourself for mediation

  • How to meditate

  • Benefits of meditations

  • Types of mediation

  • The chakara meditation

  • How to develop your aura

  • Chakra healing mediation

  • Chakra and body

  • Appliicatiion aof meditation in real life

  • Mantras to use during medeitation

  • How to teach mediation

  • Ancient practice of meditation

  • Types of mediation

Relaxation & Yoga Nidra
  • what is yog nidra and relaxation

  • What is yoga nidra

  • What is difference between sleep and yoga nidra

  • How to use yoga nidra for your own beifits

  • How yoga nidra can help you relax

  • Do and donts of yoga nidra

  • How vouce modulation can help inn yoga nidra

Mudras & Bandhas
  • Types of Mudras – Hand and Non-Hand Mudras

  • What is mudra

  • What is band

  • Types of mudra

  • Types of band

  • What are beniifits of mudra and band

  • What types band to apply during what assan

  • Which mudra to hold during mediation ‘

  • Real life application of band and mudra

  • How mudra nad band combination can help you

Anatomy & Physiology
  •   Skeletal System

  •   Muscular system

  •   Nervous system

  •   Respiratory system

  •   Circulatory system

  •   Endocrinesystem

  •   Immunesystem

  •   Excretory system

  •   Integumentary system

  •   Digestivesystem

Value Adds
  • Shatkriya

  • How to set up your own center

  • How to mange your classes

  • Diet and nutrient

  • Advance practice

  • ChairYoga

  • FaceYoga

  • Possible activity in yoga  

  • How to include fun activities in Yoga sessions

  • How to progress on yoga path

  • Diet and Nutrition Tips

  • Special classes for mediation and theory on weekend )

  •  LaghuShankha Prakshalana(Optional)

  • Sunday Mandatory Intense Practice Sessions online

Eligibility to join 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  •  Age group: 18-55years
  •  Enthusiastic housewives, and students, passionate individual
  • Anybody passionate to become a professional yoga instructor, and want to make a successful carrier in yoga.
  • Anybody who wants to be self-employed, and have more time with himself or her self
  • Anybody who wants to become financially
  • ndependent, make good side income
  • Anybody who is striving to stay in shape, and know how our body works


  • Mobile Phone, tab or Laptop internet connection
  • Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures
  • A Yoga Mat to practice on preferable the cotton
  • A desire to complete this training program and learn
  • The most important you free time as Arogyayogshala have designed this course according to you so take your time out

Certification of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Becoming a Yoga teacher is about committing oneself to the path of Yoga. It is about living the philosophy and knowledge of Yoga on a daily basis. The idea is to become a powerful individual who radiates the Yoga philosophy through the presence. It is a path of courage, commitment, self-discipline of the body and mind.

The RYT 200 hours online yoga teacher training aims at establishing the spirit of a Yogi in the students. Designed for everyone from beginner to expert level practitioners, this program offers international yoga teacher certification on completing the training.

about 200 hour yttc

Our 200 hour online YTTC is designed to introduce you to the ancient world of yoga and take you deep into it. Doing a yoga teacher training course is a life-changing and transformational experience. It changes you from the inside out.

The online ttc is a perfect mixed bag of asanas, pranayama, meditation, adjustment & alignment techniques, anatomy, philosophy, Shatkarmas and more that will help you delve deep into the yogic world and develop a solid understanding. Our dedicated and highly experienced instructors will guide you in live online sessions and impart the sacred knowledge of yoga to you.

We will be with you from the beginning till the end and every step of the way and guide you in this transformational journey of becoming a certified yoga teacher.

we are certified by yoga alliance

Founded in 2015, Arogya Yogshala has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals from all over the world.

Maintaining our high standards, we are a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance. All our ttc course online are registered with Yoga Alliance. At the end of this course, you will be presented with a Yoga Alliance certification that will allow you to teach anywhere across the world.

Our registered Yoga School is loved and respected by all students who have studied and trained with us since 2015. We have trained thousands of students so far, and now during this worldwide emergency, we plan to take our ttc online and contribute to the wellbeing of the world.

online yttc course ideal for ?

This course is ideal for:

  • Those who want to become teachers. This course is for those whose lifelong dream has been to become a yoga teacher and share the knowledge of yoga with those that wish to learn. This is the perfect opportunity for you to become a certified yoga teacher.
  • The yttc online classes also ideal for parents and family memberswho want to learn yoga and teach others in their family. You don’t necessarily want to become a professional yoga teacher but just want to learn for yourself and your family? This is the perfect course for you.
  • Our ttc online classes are also for those dealers who wish to help others. It is for those that love to hold space for others and help others in their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. This course is perfect for you if you want to be of compassionate service to the world and its people.


Our expert yoga masters will conduct our ttc online course, and all classes will be held live on zoom.

Please make sure to attend all our classes to receive the full benefit of our online teacher training program.

Can you hear the calling of your soul

In our 200-hour online yoga teacher training, our exceptional and highly qualified yoga masters will be devoted to imparting the divine knowledge of yoga in the best way possible. Even though ttc online courses are virtual and not in person, you wouldn’t feel as though you are missing out on something.

Our teachers will guide you, correct you when necessary in your postures and alignments, and they will make sure that you receive what you need to become an exceptional yoga teacher.

The world needs you and your brilliant heart, now more than ever. The world needs your passion and love for yoga, now more than ever. Can you hear the world calling out to you? Can you heal your soul calling out to you?